cosmetic tattooing

If you seek for an absolute specialists in Cosmetic tattooing , micropigmentation this is a place for you! Years of specialised international training and experience, along with the artistic flair and abilities required at the highest level are the very reason to choose us.

Medically approved Swiss Color® equipment and procedures abide by stringent standards. Fine precision single use modules and established processes comply with the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

Worlds first organic synthetic Swiss Color®pigments can create over 400 different colour shades ensuring the perfect pigment for every skin tone. Swiss Color® OS pigments do not contain iron oxides, hazardous AZO dyes, no PAH, no banned heavy metals, hazardous aromatic amine including NDELA!

Dedication to provide pigments of the highest quality that meet strict health and quality controls, one can be confident safety is of our utmost importance.

Holo Academy House of Beauty is exclusive distributor of Swiss Color® for Australia.

We consider creating individualised results that will stand the test of time a true art form. Take advantage of our extensive knowledge, skills and the latest digital cosmetic tattooing technologies to provide you with an outcome that is natural and subtle, tailored just for you.

Cosmetic tattoo master treatments on offer:

lip tattoo : full range of cosmetic tattooing for the lips; lip liner tattoo, lip blush, full lip repigmentation, lip rejuvenation and lip enhancement treatments.

eyeliner tattoo: Conceal your missing lashes with cosmetic tattooing. This treatment also adds depth, making your eyes appear larger and brighter, without surgery. From fine eyeliner tattooing or lash enhancement to volume eyeliner or our speciality shaded liner – choice is yours.

brow tattoo: Eyebrow tattooing can enhance the expressiveness and individuality of this vital feature. We offer a range of skills,from brow shape to powdered brows. Brows with gaps due to thinning or scars can be discretely corrected with the most delicate of drawn hairs. Eyebrow tattooing, feather brows, hair strokes, powdered brows, ombre brows, nano brows, ombre lips tattoo, winged eyeliner tattoo are treatments we absolutely master.

medical tattooing/ paramedical tattooing

To restore confidence in your femininity after surgery we provide a natural look tailored to your skin tone. Medical pigmentation offers stunning results that we are thrilled to be involved in. We take every care to ensure that you are treated with respect and understanding at a time that can be difficult.

areola pigmentation

scars and burns treatments: Skilled cosmetic tattooing along with meso therapy can flaten, minimise and conceal scars resulting from surgery or accident. Perfectly matched permanent pigments blend the scars into the surrounding skin tone, fading them away while microneeling applied to the area softens hard scared tissues.

alopecia, hair loss: Advanced techniques of cosmetic tattooing can replicate brows and lashes even for those with hair loss due to alopecia or cancer treatment.

hair simulation: suitable for both men and women this technique helps to simulate hair by forming hail like hair line or to patch bold spots that are due to scaring or simple hair loss.

cleft lip: scarring that incorporates the lips, including cleft lips, can be significantly faded through the use of skilled cosmetic tattooing that takes into account the scar itself, its position and the pigmentation of the surrounding skin.

Certain medical conditions and medications can have an impact on the results of cosmetic tattooing. This is why our individual consultations take into account your unique needs and are such an important part of our process. We care for you as a whole person, and consider our role is to nurture and enhance your body, mind and soul – from your skin all the way within.

Comprehensive training in cosmetic tattooing and microblading is now taught at Holo Academy.